Kindle Format Services

Ready to publish your book? Let me be the first to say congratulations. You’ve come a long way and probably jumped over a lot of hurdles, and maybe through a flaming hoop or two. But when you go to upload your book to Amazon, a regular Word file just won’t work. That’s where a good kindle format comes in.

I’ve spent several years publishing my own works as well as getting other authors ready to hit that euphoric publish button.  As an author, I understand how important your words are. As a formatter I work hard to bring your story alive. Together we can transform your manuscript into a finished book you will be proud to place on shelves everywhere.

What will you get when you hire me?

  • Quick turn-around
  • Stress-free
  • A partner to help create the best possible product to place on virtual shelves
  • Creative chapters that bring your story alive
  • Inexpensive and responsive

Please note I’m not a cover designer or a publisher. I’m an author who’s dedicated to bringing my years of experience to the table in an effort to give your book the best interior possible.

And I can do much more than a kindle format. If you’re going to publish on multiple platforms, or you need other formats to give as review copies, I can provide you with those services as well. Not all platforms use the same file type, so if you’re publishing on other sites, I’ve got you covered. If you’re looking to publish a print copy of your novel as well, I can handle that for you.

My Prices:

  • Ebook Package (includes formatting for Mobi (kindle book format) & epub): $70
  • Individual ebook (formatting for either Mobi (kindle book format) or epub): $40
  • Print manuscript format: $70
  • 3 in 1 package (includes both ebook formats and a print format) BEST DEAL: $120

My schedule is filling up fast, so don’t wait.

Complete the form below, and let’s give your dream its wings.